About Our Oil


Our oil is spray free, hand harvested, unfiltered and sustainably grown using organic practices. Our calves mow the grass, fertilise the soil and skirt the hanging branches.

Motutira is our premium Frantoio single estate extra virgin olive oil.

It is fruit driven in style with a balance of pungency and bitterness. It is a fragrant oil of medium intensity with fresh olive fruit flavours, hints of green apples, fresh almonds, and a long persistent black peppery finish.

We endeavour to produce  an oil with a similar fruit driven flavour profile each season. It is ideal for use as a condiment drizzled over cooked vegetables, as a dipping oil or dressing for salads. It is a fresh product best used within two years of pressing and 12 weeks of opening. It should be stored in a cool dark position to retain its freshness and health giving qualities.


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